The biggest and best Catfish and Carp caught in


Andrew China with a PB of 79lb lb caught in Sept 2011

Kevin with a PB of 110lb from Mequinenza Nov 2011

Martin Kieley with a 35lb Mequinenza Common

Guide BJ Dawe with a PB of 190lb! Caught in September 2011

Guides Steve and BJ with another fish over 150lb!

Steve Johnson with his 1st Ebro 40.8oz caught in Sept 2011

Gavin Rogers with his 130lb PB in the water

Jesus Atahonero Ruizwith a PB Common of 24lb!

bj with another 180lb monster

Sean Davies with one of 8 cats banked in Mequinenza Nov 2011

Lee Murphy with a PB of 152lb Chprana June 2011

Tommy Scanzio from Italy with a PB of 82lb caught in April 2011

Barry Bullock joined regulars Richie,Wack.Jeff and Neil and caught the biggest fish of the trip at 145lb

Richard China with a PB of 102lb caught in Sept 2011

Jesus Utreilla from Madrid with a PB Common of 36lb

Neil Sinclair could not improve on his PB on this his 3rd trip. But he still managed a 141lb Sept 2011

Dan Wrigley with a CS Record and PB of 188lb caught in June 2011

Gavin Rogers with a large Common

Terry Ward with our new record catfish of 214lb Nov 2011

Regular Andy Balchin on his 6th trip with one of many 100lb+ fish he has caught.

Spanish Angler Jesus Atahonero Ruiz from Toledo with a PB cat of 80lb Caught in April 2011

Alan Owen and Richard Aitken holding Alans PB of 110 lb caught in Sept 2011

Andy Balchin with an 87lb cat Caught May 2011

Gavin Rogers with a PB of 130lb caught in May 2011!