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Here at RiverEbroCatfish.com, we offer personal, fully guided fishing holidays along a vast stretch of the River Ebro. We are predominantly based at the 'top lake' just outside of Caspe. But we are not limited to the area, we regularly fish the entire stretch of the river from Caspe down to Mequineza and even right up the Segre. We have over 18 years experience fishing the river so we always know and have access to great fishing swims no matter what time of the year or what state of the water. We pride ourselves on offering the most personal holidays available on this river. Our guides are fisherman and they love their jobs, they will literally bend over backwards to catch you your dream fish but more importantly will go to any lengths to make sure you enjoy the whole experience of fishing this wonderful river.


Why Fish With Us??


We understand that choosing your holiday is tricky, as it maybe is the first time you are visiting this river and getting the right guiding company can be the key to enjoying your holiday. We don’t mean to put down any other companies methods or workings here, but just to give you an idea on what sets us apart from the rest.



Our guides become your friends! You are all sharing an experience together, so we all work together, eat and drink together, and have a good time together!



NO other company offers more time on the bank for your money than we do. It is very common practice with companies on this river to have strict fishing time restrictions where you are picked up from your accommodation at 7.00am and dropped to your swim for the day, then collected again at 6.00pm, taken home and left to your own devices. We do not agree with this approach, so our policy is that you may fish from the second you arrive from the airport, to the second you have to leave to catch your flight again! YOU CHOOSE HOW LONG YOU FISH. Your accommodation is there for you to use as much or as little as you like, you can be picked up and dropped off every day as explained before, or just taken back once or twice for a shower, so that you get maximum hours behind the rods!!



Yes we do offer night fishing! This is extremely rare on this river as for the most part it is illegal, but we can offer this up to MIDNIGHT. This is something we are happy to do at NO EXTRA COST. Your guides will be camped up at your swim 24/7 so you are more than welcome to bivey up with them and fish up until midnight. Although some conditions apply so please don’t hesitate to get in contact for more information.




Unfortunately another tactic favoured by other companies on this river is more rods more fish! So they will combine small groups of two and three into massive groups of 15 or more fishing 2 rods each. That’s 30 plus rods in a swim which in our opinion puts too much pressure on the swim, and yes they may get a few fish out but you would be very lucky that it is YOUR rod out of the 30 that gets the run! This means that many people go home unhappy. We NEVER overcrowd swims like this, your group will get their own swims and their own guides meaning that the next rods that screams off will either be yours or one of your friends!




Another common practice on this river is that you either go Catfishing or Carp fishing. We again don’t agree, we have always got the carp rods out as well as the catfish rods! Why not?? The catfish are caught at distance with baits dropped out by one of our boats, and the carp normally stay in close out the way of the hungry catfish! The two styles of fishing rarely get in each other way so we are more than happy for you to enjoy both at the same time! We even offer ZANDER fishing and MATCH fishing for when either the other fishing is slow or if you just fancy a change of pace! We are very relaxed with how you want to enjoy your holiday. 




We have excellent all metal, purpose built spinning boats for you to enjoy for times when the bank fishing is a little slow or you fancy a change of pace. You can be taken out to try and catch a big Catfish on a spinner or a drifted live bait. You can also target Zander or even Black Bass!




Yes you have come to fish, but there are other fun things in life! Maybe you have caught so many Giant Catfish that your arms are too sore to continue, so you may fancy a night out instead. There are a few local (ish) clubs we can take you to or if you really fancy a night out then Salou (a great Spanish party resort) this is only an hour and a half away, and for a small fee your guide will take you there and pick you up again in the morning (or he will more than likely join you for a night out and 'guide' you to all the best spots!).

Telephone: 07718272000

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