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The famous river Ebro in Spain is a BIG FISH venue, it holds countless specimen carp (up to 65lbs) and thousands of catfish (record to date 249lb). 100lb plus catfish are caught as regular as a mid double in your local day ticket water

The Tackle

All Cat and Carp fishing equipment supplied is top quality tackle. Carp rods are all 3lb+ test curve from either Shimano or Nash. Our main Cat rods have been custom built for us, boasting the super powerful Harrison blanks. Our other Cat Rods are built by Greys or Shimano. Carp reels Are Shimano Big Bait runner Long Cast or XTE 10000´s. To match our custom Cat rods we imported Shimano ‘thunnus’ reels, these were designed to be used in USA to target tuna and are loaded with the highest quality 100lb braid which is changed every season. Other Catfishing reels are Shimano 6500B Bait runners. We offer these reels to clients who are not familiar with Multiplier reels because they are a lot easier to play fish with! However we do have Penn Multipliers for people who have preferred using this type of reel.

When fishing from either our boat or our BRAND NEW BELLY BOAT we have a quality Fin nor set up rod/reel.

There are light spinning rods available for Targeting Zander and Perch. Along with float rods/whips/quiver tips to target the smaller species in the river...'s fishing guides will set you up in a swim on the bank as soon as you arrive (no matter what time of day or night.) They know their clients want to maximise their hours on the bank, especially if you have only booked for a short trip! Static fishing from the bank is the preferred method of fishing, whether live baiting or pellet fishing, but there is always a boat available if you want to try lure or drift fishing. Year after year results are improving. More and more clients are going home with PB catches and better still 100lb+ catfish. Carp sizes are steadily growing each year. The average common being caught is around the 27lb mark! When fishing is at its best 2, 3 and four rods tearing off at once is nothing unusual! Your guides do not live locally, so you can rest assured that they do not want to go home and put their feet up at night! They will be working 24/7 to ensure you get fish on the bank! Even if you want to go back to the accommodation, they will hold the swim for your return in the morning! If things are not happening then they will move to another area or even river to ensure you do catch fish!

The Food!!

There are no two ways about it, we eat like kings! The most common phrase we hear concerning the food is "we eat better here than we do at home!" We take our food very seriously, because quite simply, we love it. We have a fully functioning kitchen built into our van complete with ovens and gas burners. Here we cook up roast dinners, homemade curries from scratch, pasta dishes such as bolognese and carbonara again from scratch, cottage/sheppard pies, pizzas and much more! We have a large BBQ, and the quality of meat we can get out here in Spain is second to none, butterfly boneless chicken is our biggest hit! And finally our paellas! We have giant rings and dishes capable of serving up to 12 at a time, and we do meat as well as seafood! Oh and of course we do a quality full English for the mornings, and don’t worry we have quality cool boxes and constant access to ice to keep the beers cold!

Camp life!

It’s not always all about the fishing! Obviously it is always our main priority, but we understand that this above all is a holiday and we strive to make sure that we make this the best possible holiday for you that we can. Camp life is great fun if you are the type of angler that likes to stick it out all trip, day and night. We all eat, and drink together and are very tolerant in what you want to do during your stay, as long as everybody is respectful to each other, the equipment and most importantly the fish then we can guarantee we will all have a good time outside of the fishing. But for those who prefer a bit more of the home comforts, your accommodation is there for you to use 24/7. There are also local towns and villages nearby which have a few nice restaurants and bars for you to enjoy which we can take you to.

The Birds

For those of you that love your bird watching and many of our clients do. This area of Spain offers an amazing variety of birdlife, from raptors to rock sparrows. Like our friend victor here pictured left. He flew into camp one day, we thought he was injured but just turns out he had eaten so much he couldn’t fly anymore! He stayed for three days and became the third camp dog until he had digested his food enough to fly away. An amazing experience. For more information on the bird life in the area click the link below.


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