The biggest and best Catfish and Carp caught in


John Hale Banked a PB 92lb Catfish On the Ebro when fishing was at it´s toughest in May 2007!

Chez Chapman with a PB 35lb Common Carp from the River Ebro at Mequinenza on his 2nd trip

Dean Mc Nally claimed the biggest catfish of his trip with this 146lb beast!

Brother Andy could not improve on last years best and settled for this 112lb

Tony Colman with a Personal best Carp of 35lb July 2007 On the River Ebro

Paul Chilvers with a 106lb caught on live bait on the Segre at Granja De´Lescarp

Martin Walters 131lb Albino mix Dec 2007 from the River Ebro at Mequinenza

Craig Carden with a PB 36lb Common Carp from the River Ebro at Mequinenza

Dean Mc Nally with his PB Carp of 23lb from the top lake

Dave Marvel with one of many nice commons he banked during his 4 day trip

Nick Balchin Managed to beat last year´s PB When he banked this 142lb from the Ebro Sept 200

After 3 100lb+fish on the trot Paul and Chez let their guide Steve take the next run. It was the biggest catfish of the day at 142lb

Peter Johnson 149lb PB from El Dique Oct 2007

Chez & Paul Managed another doulble 100lb on their 2nd trip inside a year! This was at the Top Lake in Chiprana May 2007

This Is Steve's PB common carp of 35 1/2lb caught in May 07 on his day off!

Steve Adcock With a 29lb stunning Common Carp From the River Ebro

Colin Hockenhull 165lb PB caught from The Top Lake (El Dique) Oct 2007

Ryan Colman´s PB of 33lb was beaten just an hour later by his Dad Tony

It was carnage on the last day at El Dique with 11 fish banked, 5 of which were over 100lb!

This is the Brace of 30´s that was caught within an hour in the early morning Darkness!