The biggest and best Catfish and Carp caught in



Ben (One Punch) Carnall with a PB Common of 27lb

Dave Santer booked a 40th birthday trip to remember! This was the biggest of 3 cats he caught weighing 154lb

James Cayford with a PB catfish of 78lb

Adam Baglin banked the biggest Cat of the 3 day trip with this one at 105lb

Geoff Lister with a stunning (and rare) Mirror Carp! A PB of 39lb

Orville Williams (BIGS) with a PB Catfish of 145lb

David Petitt with a nice Carp of 27lb

Neil Sinclair with a PB common of 36lb

John Wilcock with a PB Catfish of 108lb Caught at Chiprana in May 2009

Phil Lynn with a Common of 22lb

Martin Kiely with a PB Carp of 37lb

Co Guide Martin also got into a big fish during the night! This was 137lb. Oz and Orbs fish are on the mat below!!

Orbay Emrali with a PB of 159lb. His Brother´s fish is on the mat below!

Winky with his 2nd 130+ Cat in as many days! This was 131lb!

Mick Robinson caught 2 PB´s within minutes of each other! This carp was 35lb

Daniel Lux With a PB 44lb Carp caught at Chiprana May 2009

Matt Rand with a Cracker of a common! A PB at 48lb!

Adam Reavely With a PB 68lb Cat caught at Chiprana May 2009

Brady Shaw with his PB Catfish of 166lb

15 yr old Jake Blenkin With a PB Carp of 26lb 1/2lb Also caught in April

Le Roux Craven with the biggest of many he caught on a 3 day trip in May 2009! This one was a PB at 74lb!

Mick Robinson with a PB of 92lb caught in May 2009

Paul Walker with his PB Carp of 35lb

Rob (winky) Winkworth On his 2nd Caribasol trip,with a PB of 136lb

15 year Old Tom Hargreaves with a PB 136lb Catfish! Caught in April 2009

Adam Baglin Trevor Cobb and Scott Porter had 3 rods scream off at once resulting in these 3 cats banked!

Winky also landed this pb Carp of 38lb!

Tony Quigley with a PB Cat of 76lb

Richard Willcocks improved on his PB by 19lb when he banked this 165lb cat on his 2nd trip!!

John Wilcock Also managed a PB Carp of 33lb!

While Oz and Orbay Emrali went to the apartment for a good night´s sleep, their guide Steve banked his own PB of 171lb

Ben(one punch)Carnall Serone(night night) Williams and Brady Shaw with Ben´s PB Catfish of 152lb

Ozzie Emrali From London with a PB Catfish of 147lb Nov 09

Sean Davies banked 2 forties in a day! This was the bigger at 43lb!

Tom Also managed a PB Carp of 26lb on the same 3 day trip!

Dean Baker with a PB of 129lb Caught from Chiprana May 2009

Alison Petitt with a 68lb catfish

Richard Harrison with PB Common of 43 lb

Leon Van Der Nest with a PB Carp of 25lb

Tom Hargreaves managed to beat his previous PB on his 2nd trip, with this 141lb Cat