The biggest and best Catfish and Carp caught in


Gareth and Toni into another double hook up

Nick Peat with one of many 150+ fish he caught on his 2nd Caribasol trip

Norman Clarke with his PB 152lb

Ozzie Emrali with a nice 30

Richard Channer with his PB of 139lb

Toni Toffolo with his well deserved 157lb pb

Steve (Spook) Pritchard with a PB Catfish of 142lb

Perfect end to a perfect day for Steve on his day off!

James Dawson with a PB scraper of just over 30lb

Grahame Clarke with a PB cat of 151 lb

Toni with his PB of 39lb

Melvyn Bick with a PB of 175lb!!

Ozzie Emrali with a PB of 162lb Caught on his 2nd trip Oct 2010

Keith Maynard with a PB Carp of 42lb caught in May when the river levels were unusually high!

John Abbott with his PB of 162lb

Phil Lynn after 3 trips finally bags not 1 but 3 over 100lb!! This was his PB of 124lb

Oli Pitts with his 152lb PB

James Dawson with a 102lb PB caught in Nov 2010

Marh Harvey 150.jpg
Marh Harvey 150.jpg

Mark Harvey banked this 150lb PB on his 2nd Caribasol trip in Nov 2010!

Marh Harvey PB Carpjpg.jpg
Marh Harvey PB Carpjpg.jpg

Mark Harvey with his PB Carp of 34lb

Dave Thomas with a new Caribasol record in April 2010 of 179lb

Richard Allen with a 35lb PB Carp

Peter Johnson with a Caribasol record of 186lb Oct 2010

John Folland 156lb PB

Dave Kear, Stu Wheeler and Richard Channer with as ton up each!

Dean Baker with another PB Catfish of 176lb

Co Guide Ed with a 146lb beast

Toni with a brace of 127lb and 157lb

Calle Carlson Jnr on A family holiday from South Africa banked the biggest Cat in June at 112lb

Guide Steve with his PB of 184lb!!!

Richard Allen with a PB Catfish of 158lb

Regular Mark Baker with aPB common of 38lb

Jason Julian with A PB of 138lb

Calle´s little sister Halzete did well to play and land her PB catfish of 80lb