The biggest and best Catfish and Carp caught in


This 36lb lump smashed a previous PB of 26lb by Nick Balchin from Bournemouth. He caught this on the Segre

Alan Greenwood´s 1st ever catfish matched his uncle Jeff´s at 112lb. But didn´t beat his brother(big) Dave´s PB

Alan Balchin was not to be outdone by his sons. He bagged the biggest Catfish of their trip at 144lb

40lb PB Common Carp caught by Big David Greenwood from Whiston On The Ebro at Mequinenza

More Top lake action! Big Dave Greenwood (the one in the white Tshirt)! Banked this 116lb PB on his 2nd trip.

This 145lb PB Catfish was caught on the Segre by Chez Chapman on carp tackle!

Not quite as big as dad´s! But John´s son Dean was still smiling after banking this 61lb PB on the Ebro at Flix

This 125lb Personal Best Was Caught by Derrick Sinfield from Chingford London Nov 2006 On the Ebro at Mequinenza

This 142lb Albino Catfish was caught by 62 year old John Thompson on his 2nd trip in March 2006 on The River Ebro at Mequinenza

This 28lb common Carp Was one of many 20´s caught by Jeff Greenwood of Warrington at Mequinenz

Jeff Greenwood took a 2nd trip within 3 months of his 1st! This 112lb from The top lake was the result

This 156lb Personal Best Was Caught by John Brooks from Southern Spain Nov 2006 on the River Ebro

This 145lb PB Catfish Was Caught by Martin Walters from Southern Spain Nov 2006 On the Ebro

This 157lb PB Catfish Was Caught by Paul Collins from Croydon Oct 2006 on the River Segre

Matt Balchin beat his old PB by over 10lb when he banked this 27 1/2lb Carp at Mequinenza

Not far behind Dad! Another of Alan´s sons, Andy Balchin took a break from carp fishing to bag this 132lb beast on the River Segre

his 37+3/4lb Personal Best Was Caught by Spanish resident Tim Davis from the River Ebro Mequinenz

This108lb PB Catfish is one of 2 fish over 100lb caught by Stuart Gordon from west London at Caspe

Jeff Green wood with his 1st Catfish weighing 68lb

Top lake action for Jeff,s nephew Mark who landed a PB Catfish of 124lb!